Native English speaker from the United States arrives at Gymnázium Boskovice

Victoria Cattelona, a native English speaker from the City of Long Branch in the State of New Jersey, recently moved to Boskovice and will teach English during the 2021-2022 academic year. The Fulbright Program is funding her stay in Boskovice. Ms. Cattelona is eager to learn more about Boskovice, the school, and the Czech language and culture.

She will assist multiple teachers, especially her mentor Mgr. Spoustová. Make sure to see Ms. Cattelona’s whiteboard at the school! The whiteboard mentions her study of politics and education at Monmouth University, her favorite hobby, and her hope that she can encourage young people to participate in government and to achieve their goals. If you wish to learn more about Ms. Cattelona, the American variation of the English language, or the United States, please speak with her or send an e-mail to

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